Music Director

Tracy Kendrick (Current~1998)

Tracy Kendrick enrolled at Los Angeles Trade Technical College where he became the dance director and started promoting events. Of course, he hired himself as DJ. From that point, he joined the Los Angeles Progressive DJ's (L.A.P.D.) where he met future producers/promoters/artists Chris "The Glove" Taylor, Arabian Prince, The Egyptian Lover, L.A. Dream Team's Rudy Pardee and Dr. Dre. These were the people that would be responsible for the development of most of the West Coast hip-hop music scene. Tracy's first working production experience was in the recording studio with The Egyptian Lover for the song "Egypt Egypt". From there Kendrick teamed up with Rudy Pardee from the L.A. Dream Team and produced the hit single "Rockberry Jam". Also while spending time on pre-production of the Dream Team's next single Tracy overheard Rudy rehearsing for his show and said that the group's introduction would make a great song. That phrase was "Ladies and Gentlemen (The Dream Team is in the House)". This song became one of The Dream Team's biggest sellers. From there Tracy went on to produce, mix, remix, executive producer and manage gold and platinum artists AMG, DJ Quik, L.A. Dream Team, The Egyptian Lover, 2nd II None, King Tee, Shalamar, Lakeside, Lalah Hathaway, B.B. King, Shanice Wilson, Lil 1/2 Dead, BOSS, Hostyle, Midnight Star and St. Louis' first star rapper Sylk Smoov.

Tracy Kendrick met musician and producer Courtney Branch in 1984 and founded music production company Total Trak Productions. They have most notably worked the disco, R & B, house and hip-hop music genres. Total Trak has specialized in developing and marketing new and previously unknown talent from the inner cities. Kendrick and Branch have worked with labels MCA, Epic, Warner Brothers, Motown, Profile Records, Select Records, Def Jam Records, Death Row Records, Sleeping Bag Records, Jumpstreet Records, Priority Records along with their own labels AMP Records, Tone Records and Sold Out Records. Together they have sold over an astounding 20 million records!

In January 1985 Kendrick and partner Dannie "Fut" James purchased DJ services company "Streetbeat Record Pool" and renamed it "Impact Record Pool, Inc." which would go on to become one of the largest organizations of DJ's on the West Coast. Along with countless Gold and Platinum record plaques, Impact has received numerous awards but being voted Gavin Record Pool of the Year in 1996 and 1997 and nominated for the same in 1998 are standouts. Impact Record Pool has introduced music industry rising stars Madonna, Laid Back, Naughty by Nature, Kris Kross, Club Nouveau, Tyrese, SWV, NWA, Domino and Loose Ends to name a few.

History will not for get these Impact Record Pool trailblazers:

Dannie "Fut" James - We love you "Fut".
Michael "Mixxin" Moore
 - aka The Godfather.
Iris Dillion - After her they broke the mold and killed the mold maker.
Darrell Mason - Put Impact on the map, we miss you...
Darrell Tarquin "TQ" Featherstoneshaw - We'll forever miss his wisdom and wit.