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Record companies commonly refer to "Record Pools" as a regionalized and centralized method of music promotion. Record Pool DJ's receive promotional music (promos) to play in nightclubs and at events.

It's the digital DJ and Music Professionals answer to the search for new music! thru the ILL Network's weekly mp3 disc, digital DJs and music pro's can view and play music with a simple point and click (fast and easy). Endless hours of searching and downloading are a thing of the past!!

No, the ILL Network membership is not FREE. The DJs & Music Professionals will pay monthly fee in order to receive music every week. 

No problem! Just notify us of your intention to cancel your membership 30 days in advance by email. Of course, it is free to stay in the Impact Record Pool family. 

The difference is "NO DOWNLOADS!" impact delivers music, not "links" to music. Why download one song at a time when you can receive on average 80-100 tracks in mp3 cd format weekly via US Mail or in your Dropbox. Simply load the disc then click which track to play. It's as simple as that.

Because you have to do all the downloading work to get new songs. Let's say their websites update 100 songs every week, that means you have to find the songs you like and download the 100 songs physically. What if you were busy last 2 weeks and had to catch up downloading all the hot songs you missed? We bet your time is more valuable than clicking links hours and hours. With the ILL Network service, you can keep all the CDs/ZIP file weekly and enjoy them when you are ready!

Most members areDJs, along with Remixers, Producers and A&R Rep's close behind. The ILL Network weekly service helps you "stay on top of the new music game!"

Our mail-out schedule is every Saturday with USPS First Class mail and First Class International service. Normally, Los Angeles metro area members will receive the CD by Monday.

Yes. Each track is numbered and noted with artist, title & label information. clean, dirty, instrumental & acappella versions are noted as well. If you've long been in search of "Classic" Old-School R&B and Hip-Hop, git with us! we've got it!!

Dues are payable by the 5th of the month. And we will take major credit cards, paypal and checks.


"Hands down the best service a DJ will ever use!"
- DJ Curtis Harmon (Tokyo, Japan)

"The ILL Network is the most practical move for today's Digital DJ. I used to waste tons of time and energy, searching for songs all over cyberspace. You can't beat the variety of music....from the hottest new Hip-Hop/R&B to the smoothest Jazz, with almost everything in between.The ILL Network is my musical one-stop shop."
- Smoooth Dee, Tagg Team DJs (Los Angeles, CA )

"The ILL Network is an important tool for me as a producer and a DJ. Located in Europe it gives me all the important US urban releases on a weekly basis. It's a great tool and it gives me a lot of inspiration!!
- Ezi Cut (Coppenhargen, Denmark)

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