Born in notorious Kingston, Jamaica, the story of Mr.Xquisit is truly unique. Growing up in one of the most dangerous and impoverished cities in the world, he developed a deep-rooted connection with the struggles and sounds of the working class. Surrounded by music, he drew inspiration from legendary reggae artists such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, and dancehall greats Shabba Ranks andBuju Banton. 
At ten he relocated to Seattle where he spent the next few years consumed by his new found intrigue in Hip-Hop. LL Cool J, Tupac, and Jay-Z sparked a creative fire and helped to develop Mr.Xquisit’s undeniable commercial appeal. By fifteen, his journal entries and poems were replaced by clever wordplay, vivid imagery, and a voice that commanded attention. 
Upon graduating from the prestigious Lakeside High School, Mr.Xquisit relocated to Los Angeles to continue his music career and simultaneously attend Occidental College. While there, he studied Sociology, History, and Music Theory, and was granted access to industry standard audio equipment which he utilized daily. He boasts an extensive catalog of original recordings, the vast majority of which are unreleased.   
With a rare combination of charisma, intelligence, talent, and sex appeal, Mr.Xquisit is as original as the music he writes, produces, and performs. “Ambitious and driven, his 15-track LP Hypnotix Muzik blasts a badass conglomerate of beats and rhymes…an autobiographical epic,” says OC Weekly’s Erin DeWitt. He has been featured on radio across the country and around the world, most recently, the Playboy Radio Morning Show with over 5 million viewers daily. 
Epitomizing the style and image of the mainstream market, he has appeared in print ads, television commercials, and live fashion shows. Although modeling and acting are not his focus, his style, and appearance tremendously benefits his audience appeal and marketability.  Continually sharpening his skills and intelligence, he is undoubtedly poised for music greatness. 
Mr.Xquisit is currently in the studio working on his  "E.ndless Party EP", a Pop/Rap/Reggae fusion hybrid. Combining unforgettable melodies, ear grasping lyrics, and an eclectic selection of songs, the project promises to be a musical feast. Attached is a brief description of his new mixtape "The Most High"  1 of 4 releases this year from Mr.Xquisit. The Most High mixtape will be available on 3/11.

Young Maestro, Hip Hop Artist and Producer is the new millennium Artist.  He was introduced in 2008 with his production debut of  the documentary soundtrack “East Side II Dangerous”  where he sharpened his skills working with such local acts such as The Young Hoggs and The Stik Up Kidz.   In just a few short years, through solid work ethics and perseverance Young Maestro has attained the opportunity to work with such notable artists as The Game, Glasses Malone, Big Syke, Guerilla Black, California Swag District as well as compose tracks for the likes of  Amerie, Lady Gaga and Keshia Cole. In 2010, Young Maestro released his third smash hit “Bouncin’ in the Club”, on the heels of his previously well received releases “Earthquake”, and “Reject” on West Coast Knockin’ Records.  Under  the assistance and guidance of Industry heavyweights Sean “Tubby” Holiday ( Interscope Records) , Kevin Black (U Can Fly), Doc Holiday (Making The Band), and DJ Latin Prince (Bum Squad DJ Founder) and Impact Record Pool, Young Maestro has continued to garner success and grow his fan base from his not so distant days of being a local producer with over 2.5 million hits on his myspace .  In April 2010 Young Maestro released his first mix tape entitled “Hip-Hop Savior, Vol. 1” hosted by DJ Wizz Kidd which built a tremendous underground buzz leading Young Maestro to release his late latest commercial success “See Me Girl” featuring Ty Dolla$, which is currently in rotation throughout Southern California and spanning the airwaves across the US and abroad.  “See Me Girl” will be available digitally on iTunes and all other major digital download sites.

The crowd chants over and over again as they anxiously await the band’s next set.  Slowly and methodically they take their places on the stage in order to build anticipation.  As each note began to play through the sound system, an immediate hush hurries over the crowd.  Hanging on to every note, every song, and the crowd is mesmerized by the poignant sounds of Glory….

Glory is a feeling….Emotional. Moving. Inspirational….Are all words that can be used to describe the music of GloryForThePeople.  “Glory is Hip Hop. Glory is Soul. Glory is Funk,” says Loops, who is the group’s lead and Musical Director.  “GloryForThePeople is a movement!”

Their music simply captivates their listeners and draws them into their groove.  It is safe to say that they are Advocates for real music.  Seven members of Glory making up seven vital pieces to the Glory sound. Each member is passionate about their art, their music and their responsibility to Glory.  The seven are family in every sense of the word.  The group is comprised of siblings, cousins and family friends.  Growing up together in Long Beach, California the group has been playing instruments and singing with each other for as long as they can remember.  “There were always instruments in the house while we were growing up…Music is second nature to us”, says Tamo who is one of the group’s leads and resident impresario. Music runs in the family.  The group is second generation.  Incidentally, their fathers were in a group called His Grace that traveled the world in the 70’s and 80’s. 

The GloryForThePeople sound draws from the influences of their Hispanic roots coupled with the funk and soul founders of the 60s and 70s.  “Also, our sound is creatively infused with bits and pieces of the underground Hip Hop flavor of Long Beach, California, in which we grew up.  Every note, beat, rhythm, melody and lyric is driven by a passion for the art and a longing for the cause”, says Mona Lisa, the bands only female member and lead vocalist. This music is not just meant to be heard, it is created to be remembered.

The song “Hey Krystal,” is truly the pavement for the group’s road to super-stardom.  The song, a super-energetic, exultant, self-explanatory party anthem is the group’s foray into primetime.  “Hey Krystal” sets the tone for what we can expect from GloryForThePeople in 2010:  Energy, Passion and Commitment.

GloryForThePeople is unstoppable. Their aim is the sky and there is simply no recourse for destiny. From the group’s beginning in 2001, their sound has been undeniably original yet genuinely vintage. The sound is absolutely unique.  It embodies the soul and the passion of yesteryear and the truth and dynamics of today and beyond. On any given day, one can catch GloryForThePeople performing their set in clubs across the country.  Because LA is their home base for now, they feel at home in clubs like The Temple Bar in Santa Monica, The Knitting Factory in Hollywood, the Blue Caf in Long Beach, the House of Blues in Anaheim, to The Echo and Little Temple in Silverlake and the list goes on and on.

The stage is not GloryForThePeople’s only home.  They are superbly comfortable on television with live performances and music videos on LATV and SiTV, recording and releasing two music videos, Stress in 2003 and Sweetassugar in 2005 which premiered on 23 different networks, and in constant rotation in all malls nationwide inside Macys and Steve Madden stores. Glory’s sound has been featured in ESPNS Play Makers DVD, FOX TV show Johnny Zero, in new episodes of SHOWTIMES Masters OF Horror, HUFF, and Sleeper Cell, as well as upcoming films Alley Ball. Glory has also hit the radio frequency with exclusive recording; drops for Power 106 Glory reigned victorious in online competition from SiTVs Jammin On Stage battle, over 100 different bands sponsored by AOL Latino. The final 3 showcased their talent at a local venue with a panel of creditable judges and took home the grand prize of 10k. Following the release of the full length LP Language of Life in 2003, Glory is currently in the studio recording their upcoming and highly anticipated album Funk Peace in 2008.

GloryForThePeople is dedicated to creating authentic, genuine music that will be remembered for life.  “Our goal as artists is to play the music that derives from our souls, states Mona Lisa.  “We play for the love….for the passion….for the romance…..We play for the people…” Glory….Glory…..Glory…..Glory…..GloryForThePeople…..!!!! 

GloryForThePeople Quick Facts 

  • Over 50,000 combined views in 2010 on the GloryForThePeople YouTube Channel
  • Stars of Toyota’s 2008 National print and TV advertisement
  • Featured on FOX, ESPN & The SHOWTIME Network
  • Grand Champions and 100k prize winners at the Mai Tai Rumble (2009)

"Love Boulevard" (R&B)

JasonJetplaneYou’d think baby faced Jason JetPlane is your tenth grade lab partner who actually likes fractional equations and those goggles. This new “electric soul” artist’s slightly geeky but gentle manner belies his sexy baritone voice and sophisticated songwriting and production skills.  A graduate of a well known performing and visual arts high school in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Full Sail University near Walt Disney World in Florida, with a degree in Recording Arts, this young modern day Mozart who can also sing, leaves you in utter awe with his genre-defying blend of soul, pop, rock, and R & B. which he usually writes and produces entirely by himself.  He also plays piano and drums, and manages to effortlessly craft his mostly 80’s informed pop and funk melodies around uplifting subjects about love and inspiration.   He just can’t help himself.

Try imagining Seal vocals mixed with a little Peter Gabriel, Curtis Mayfield, and the Ohio Players, with a full orchestral Philadelphia International 1970’s production sound mixed with dance tracks and a Broadway theatrical flair, and that’s only a metric fraction of Jason JetPlane’s sound.  Born in Keflavik, Iceland on an American naval base, JetPlane’s parents’ worldly tastes still inform JetPlane’s unique sound.  There was Sting, Peter Gabriel, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and gospel music.  His prodigy didn’t go unnoticed. By age 6, Jason JetPlane was already playing drums, by age 8 he was playing trombone, and by the time he was 10 he was playing piano.  His sound is also influenced by more modern artists Jason admires, including Coldplay, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, and Musiq. Ask any nine year suburban girl in New Jersey,  college student in Los Angeles, or sixty five  year old retiree in Harlem whether they like Jason JetPlane, and you’ll discover that he’s not only on the cusp of the new fusion of urban and dance,  but he’s apparently timeless too.  Everyone likes him.

Given the name “JetPlane” by his former band mates who were amused by his affinity for synthesized sounds and use of multiple keyboards, this rising talent will be soaring for quite a long time.  Already a winner of the “Best R & B Male Artist” category at the 3rd annual Carolina Music Awards, co-founded by seven time Grammy Award Winner Randy Travis,  Jason JetPlane’s  single, “Love Boulevard”, the title track of his recently released independent album of the same name, is already receiving lots of attention at Charlotte radio.  No doubt Jason JetPlane might force you to follow his detour to the comic book store on the way to the recording studio, but his quirky blend of playfulness and cute geek is only part of his charm. 

Street/Club Heater Hot Single! "Tippy Toes"

Celebrating his 20th year in the music business, AMG's street/club heater "Tippy Toes" is the perfect kick-off single from his forthcoming album "Grown Man Game". B-Boy minimalism at it's finest, "Tippy Toes" is stripped of the "all-too-common" overproduced party record sound & starts off with a boomin' 808 bassline groove that gets the club crackin' in seconds.

DJ's & fans alike remember AMG's tightly crafted production style from The Fixxers 2007 release "Can U Werk Wit' Dat?" With 20 years of hits which include the classic "Bitch Betta Have My Money" to hits w/ DJ Quik like "Down, Down, Down" & "Trouble", AMG still knows how to pack the floor with his raunchy rap style & fluid beats. The self-proclaimed "International Pervert" has also thrown his hat into the acting ring by co-starring in Sony/Screen Gems "LineWatch" with Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr., Sharon Leal (Dreamgirls & Why Did I Get Married?) & Evan Ross (ATL). AMG also recently traveled to Hong Kong & filmed a drama/thriller titled "The Warehouse". "Grown Man Game" will be AMG's 6th studio release & will feature a slew of new faces of the future of popular music to complete the project. The album will be a "colorful journey" of AMG's past and present sounds & styles, but will also please the ladies as well as the fellas.

"SHE LIKE" Hard hitting beats tailored to crafty lyricism

When searching the dials of fm radio, one realizes that rap is blazing the top charts. The mass of todays rap is southern sounds with cathchy energetic feel good hooks. This style of rap sets the stage for a unique trendsetting rap group called BLAQ DIAMONDZ. Two teens out of Dallas Texas, Tonio and DJ Amboogie have created their own unique blend of southern rap. Hard hitting beats tailored to crafty lyricism. DJ Amboogie with 4 years in the game transcends through the streets and clubs with her catchy hooks and energetic 8 bar raps. She has mastered the one's and two's so whether on stage or at a party she brings it. Tonio who got his start at the age of nine is already a pro

Love Truth FrontBorn and raised only a brisk walk from legendary “Philadelphia International Records,” where the classic “Philly Soul” sound was conceived in its full glory, Chaz Records’ recording artist Chaz Shepherd is at the forefront of the renaissance movement he endearingly refers to as “Young Soul”. The burgeoning revival of a genre once forgotten is now captivating audiences throughout the country and around the world. Chaz is intent on making a significant contribution to once again make soul music the popular choice.

As stated in its opening lines, Chaz’ debut album, “Love & Truth”, released on his own label “Chaz Records”, comes straight from “Philadelphia to your world” and features 11 tracks of a brand of soul so rich and full in harmonies and melodies that it encapsulates your entire being and takes you to a place of depth, warmth and realness rarely experienced in today’s music. Reaching into the Black Pool of Genius, “Love & Truth” takes you on a journey reminiscent of R&B Soul legends Donnie Hathaway, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye all the way to the sultry soul of Rasaan Patterson and D’Angelo. In short, this Brotha can sing!

Chaz was the sole producer on a number of the tracks. The remainder of the album was produced by Chaz along with partner Joel Whitley, an incredible producer/musician who has toured with Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keyes and Chris Martin of Cold Play to name a few.

“Love & Truth” features critically acclaimed tracks such as “By My Side” and “Chemical Reaction,” both of which attained significant radio success at the Urban Adult Contemporary Format and appeared on The Billboard Hot 100 R&B/Hip Hop Songs Airplay Chart simultaneously. “By My Side” is a sexy ballad that many women absolutely love!  It talks about a love so strong that her presence is all that’s required. “We ain’t got to do nothing, ain’t got to touch nothing, ain’t got to say nothing. You being here to my right, be the highlight of my morning.” “Chemical Reaction,” one of morning show host Steve Harvey’s favorites, details the flip side of love after the break up and the process of getting back on your feet. “I had a chemical reaction. I don’t know what happened. But all I know, I feel better now.” The first single “Get You Girl” is a nostalgic, “feel good” approach to the classic pursuit of a woman by a man when he just has to have her. “All I need is a yes. Nothing about me can rest, not yet. Not until I get you girl.” The remainder of the album includes tracks such as “Just Life,” “It Calls Me” and “Turn Your Light On” which deal with themes such as hope, passion, unity and world peace.

Chaz Shepherd, who is also an accomplished actor, recently starred as Harpo in Oprah Winfrey’s Broadway Production of “The Color Purple,” opposite R&B songstress Fantasia in addition to many other films, television shows and plays. Chaz credits God and his mom as the driving force behind his success. When asked of his motivation for penning “Love and Truth,” Chaz said, “I just want to inspire people to live happy.”

“Love & Truth” is the story of relationships, joys, sorrows, passions, desires, unity and peace. It’s the story of life, much like the ones we all lead. Experience “Love & Truth” through the eyes of Chaz Shepherd. Chaz Chepherd on MySpace Official Website for Chaz Chepherd Chaz Shepherd on Facebook Chaz Chepherd on Twitter

"ALL I KNOW" featuring BREVI produced by BATTLECAT

Wordsmith, a term thrown around loosely these days but seldom associated with a female MC. With the odds stacked against her, and the consistent jargon of the music business being a male dominate industry, the self proclaimed "Jane-of-all-trades" ILL CAMILLE is focused and determined to make her mark amongst the who's who of the music scene, male and female alike.

Born in Compton, California but raised in both Los Angeles and Inland Empire, this emcee takes pride in her multi-city upbringing. With a deep rooted family background of music, and a natural knack for competition, Camille is prepared to combine all the elements of her experience to provide listeners with a well rounded product minus the "sex sells approach".

Getting her start in music by doing marketing and internship work in her early years, it would be a meeting with one of LA's best known emcees, who encouraged Camille to tap into her hidden talent as an artist. From that point forward, ILL CAMILLE has captured the attention and worked with a host of other industry notables such as Frank Nitt [of Frank-n-Dank], Damani, Coniyac, School Boy Q [TDE] producer Dae One, Dj Battlecat, Dj Trackstar, and Terrace Martin.

Prepping for a duo of debut projects, The Pre-Write [EP] and The Write from Left [LP], Camille is setting out to bring the "perfect balance of sound" by creating content not only for the regular everyday person, but also the connoisseurs of the not so simplified. Drawing inspiration from timeless artists like Roy Ayers and Stevie Wonder she also cites Rah Digga, Kurupt, Pete Rock, Dj Khalil, Outkast and Marsha Ambrosius as some of her muses.

Using family, God and a good beat as her driving force and the support of fellow up and comers, and veterans worldwide, the road to success seems to be where ILL CAMILLE is headed.

"SLIDE" featuring Alabama Jew - 2PAC'S ROAD DOGG

Tyruss "Big Syke" Himes (born in Inglewood, California) is an American rapper who was a friend of Tupac Shakur. His alias is a remake of "Little Psycho", a name he got as a child. He originally started a rap group called Evil Minded Gangstas in 1990, but was anxious to debut as a solo artist

He met 2Pac in 1992, and quickly became a touring aid and friend. He made his official debut in 2Pac's group Thug Life along with 2Pac, Macadoshis, Mopreme & Rated R. After the breakup of the group and 2Pac's release from prison, Big Syke joined his second group Outlawz, under the alias Mussolini.

For more info, please visit our website

Phatt-Catt aka  The  GAME CHANGER

Phatt-Catt  had a love for rap at a very young age. Listening to Tupac, Biggie, DJ Quik. He developed a style all his own, and now at the age of 22 he's well on his way to becoming a detinquished rapper that everyone will easily recongnize. His southern based style along with his unique lyrics will catch you by surprize. He and his older brother(Lil-Rent) have a hit single (EYE-CANDY) thats a real smash. Minus the guns and the violence, EYE-CANDY delivers that same kicking bassline and smooth lyrics that appeal to the young and the old alike

(PHATT-CATT) studied at Jacksonville state University for three years, but put his studies on hold to persue his musical career. Performing at local clubs and winning numerous open mic contest,his name is ringing throughout the streets of Gadsden,Alabama, better known as G-TOWN and surrounding areas as well. Confident in his endeavors on becoming the worlds sought after rapper. His motivation in becoming a major labeled artist will soon be non-the-least accomplished. He and his brothers group THE WOOD BOYZ ENT, are getting heavy feedback in the state of Alabama. Especially in Gadsden, home of YELA-WOLF. (PHATT-CATT) has a solo hit AM I DREAMING thats a local anthem. Don't sleep on this young man, because when you snooze you loose. Remember the name (PHATT-CATT) AKA  THE  GAME CHANGER

AKA- Lil-Rent/Lil-O

A southern based rapper who started at the tender age of 10 listening to hip-hop usually played by older family members. At the age of 12 he knew just about every lyric to every hip-hop or rap song out. Amoung his favorites were MC.eight, DJ,quik, Scarface, Snoop Dogg and a host of others. He graduated high school in 2003 and attended Gadsden state community college for one year. Escaping the rough streets of Gadsden, G-Town. He and younger brother Torrie (Phatt-Catt) started writing raps and soon were performing at local talent shows and were overnight successes. Thier debut single (Eye-candy) can be heard in the streets of Alabama, with it's kicking bassline and smooth lyrics. It's a song that will be getting alot of attention. Now they needed a name. So they came up with THE WOOD-BOYZ ENT. A simple stereotype that Alabama is suppose to be in the boonies. But thier sound is far from country. After you hear (Eye-Candy) and an array of other soon to be hits you'll know that thier sound needs to be heard from city to city and from state to state. Lil-Rent also has a mix tape with a title track called THE TAKE OVER. So keep an open mind and an open ear and you'll find talent in some of the most unusual places. Gadsden Alabama, G-Town    THE TAKE OVER..                          

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