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Wood Boyz

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Phatt-Catt aka  The  GAME CHANGER

Phatt-Catt  had a love for rap at a very young age. Listening to Tupac, Biggie, DJ Quik. He developed a style all his own, and now at the age of 22 he's well on his way to becoming a detinquished rapper that everyone will easily recongnize. His southern based style along with his unique lyrics will catch you by surprize. He and his older brother(Lil-Rent) have a hit single (EYE-CANDY) thats a real smash. Minus the guns and the violence, EYE-CANDY delivers that same kicking bassline and smooth lyrics that appeal to the young and the old alike

(PHATT-CATT) studied at Jacksonville state University for three years, but put his studies on hold to persue his musical career. Performing at local clubs and winning numerous open mic contest,his name is ringing throughout the streets of Gadsden,Alabama, better known as G-TOWN and surrounding areas as well. Confident in his endeavors on becoming the worlds sought after rapper. His motivation in becoming a major labeled artist will soon be non-the-least accomplished. He and his brothers group THE WOOD BOYZ ENT, are getting heavy feedback in the state of Alabama. Especially in Gadsden, home of YELA-WOLF. (PHATT-CATT) has a solo hit AM I DREAMING thats a local anthem. Don't sleep on this young man, because when you snooze you loose. Remember the name (PHATT-CATT) AKA  THE  GAME CHANGER

AKA- Lil-Rent/Lil-O

A southern based rapper who started at the tender age of 10 listening to hip-hop usually played by older family members. At the age of 12 he knew just about every lyric to every hip-hop or rap song out. Amoung his favorites were MC.eight, DJ,quik, Scarface, Snoop Dogg and a host of others. He graduated high school in 2003 and attended Gadsden state community college for one year. Escaping the rough streets of Gadsden, G-Town. He and younger brother Torrie (Phatt-Catt) started writing raps and soon were performing at local talent shows and were overnight successes. Thier debut single (Eye-candy) can be heard in the streets of Alabama, with it's kicking bassline and smooth lyrics. It's a song that will be getting alot of attention. Now they needed a name. So they came up with THE WOOD-BOYZ ENT. A simple stereotype that Alabama is suppose to be in the boonies. But thier sound is far from country. After you hear (Eye-Candy) and an array of other soon to be hits you'll know that thier sound needs to be heard from city to city and from state to state. Lil-Rent also has a mix tape with a title track called THE TAKE OVER. So keep an open mind and an open ear and you'll find talent in some of the most unusual places. Gadsden Alabama, G-Town    THE TAKE OVER..                          


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